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Speaking with our qualified counsellor will help you to understand your options, and if you agree for a quick telephone assessment, we should be able to give you an idea of a general solution over the phone. (example: consolidate the debt with bank or Government program)

In many cases enrolling in our debt counselling program can benefit you; we will show you how to prepare your own budget or money management for you and your family.

Our credit counsellors will give you valuable guidance about which debt relief options may work for you, how to deal with your financial issue, and how to manage your own finances, as stated earlier, a customized debt program so you can be debt free.

Are you having trouble making ends meet each month? Do you find your spending often out of control? Do you have trouble figuring out where your money goes every month? If you don't think you have enough money to save for emergencies or make ends meet each month, then it’s time to get real about spending and saving money. A debt counselling service helps you to explore debt relief options and figure out the best way to pay off your debts and manage your money.

And if you are currently under financial stress, you may be experiencing arguing with your family members about money, or finding it difficult to sleep at night. It is also a signal to consolidate all your debts.

For the average Canadian who is interested in getting out of debt, Debt Help Centre is a wise choice. We will help you to understand the differences between a debt management program and a debt consolidation loan to learn which debt solution is right for you.

Debt Help Centre Can Help You:

• Cut your debt up to 70%
• Reduce your principal & stop the interest
• One affordable Monthly Payment
• Be Debt Free in 36 to 60 months
• Be debt free without filing for bankruptcy

If you are now struggling with debt, our certified debt consultants can review your financial situation and help you choose a program that's right for you. Your information will be kept completely confidential. We are a team of experienced professionals that is dedicated to helping clients just like you out of your financial problems.
Our Program is actually very simple. We will help you to deal with all your unsecure debt and make it into an affordable monthly payment, which is determined between you and our certified counsellor. Based upon what you are able to pay each month into your new account, we can estimate how many months you will be part of the program, and ultimately get back on the path to financial freedom.
For more information fill out the Free Consultation form and a certified counsellor from our company will contact you to discuss the options available to you. There is no cost or any obligation.
This is not a loan, this program is designed to reduce all your unsecure debt including credit card or line of credit. We will negotiate with all your creditors and help you avoid bankruptcy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recognize the Debt Danger Signals

If you have debt problems, or are going to have one of the following:

1. Continually going over your spending limit.

2. Using your credit cards as necessities.

3. Paying only interest or service charges monthly.

4. Always borrowing and/or advance money from credit card to pay credit card bills.

5. Collection agencies threatening you to sue or repossess your car and furniture.

6. Wages have been garnished to pay for oustanding debts.

And if you don’t take action to deal with your debt issue, soon enough the bank, credit card company, collection agencies will be calling you.

If you no longer meet your financial obligations, you should contact us for a free consultation, and we should be able to give you advice for a possible solution.

Will you contact all of my creditors?

Yes we will notify all your creditors, and we will also demand that all future correspondence be direct to our office.

Will debt settlement affect my credit?

Yes, no matter is formal or informal debt settlement will affect your credit score, if you are currently have history of late payments. The debt settlement will help you to deal with your outstanding debt, and your creditors will see that you settled your debts instead of filing bankruptcy.

Will secure debt become unsecure debt?

Yes, a secured debt may become an unsecure debt normally happen on mortgage car loan (example: property or car repossessed and sold by the creditor. If the sale does not meet their obligation, the debtor may still have a deficiency balance). This deficiency becomes an unsecure debt.

Will I get approved?

Normally 99% yes, if you are currently employed and seriously about resolving your debt.

Will all of my debt be eliminated on this settlement?

Yes, the time you can pay off the agreed amount, you can expect to have zero balances on all outstanding unsecure debts (secured debt not included).

What can I expect from this debt settlement?

Normally we settle our clients debts for 30% to 42 % of the balances owed.

Why not bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy was designed to be your last resort, may have long term affects that come with a bankruptcy, depend on your profession, also effect on your credit rating.

Will I continue to get calls and collection letters from my creditors?

Once you joined this settlement program we will notify your creditor in writing that will keep them from calling you.

How long it takes for this kind of settlement?

Normally it takes around 60 days.

Will all my accounts be closed?

Your credit grantor will close your debt account and set off the amount according to the program.

Give us a call now at 905 305 0418, we should be able to help you deal with your stress, or just fill up our online assessment form (will be respond within 24 hours).